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Engineering Machinery Cooling Module

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Engineering Machinery Cooling Module
Cooling modules for engineering machinery including hydraulic crawler excavators, wheel loaders, road rollers, land levelers, crawler dozers and trash compactors are mainly composed of several of the water tank, charge air cooler, transmission oil radiator, hydraulic oil cooler, fuel oil cooler, air director, shield and connecting frame. This product has such technical features as: ① Wave type structure of fins, moderate resistance at the cooling side, high heat transfer efficiency and strong prevention against blockage; ② Aluminum brazing technology to realize higher strength of the core than traditional copper heat exchanger; ③ The core surface can be treated by anodic passivation to promote anti-corrosion capability; ⑤ The cooling module is of hinge-lock structure so that the heat exchanger can be dismounted by turning for further washing; ⑥ The material features recyclable aluminum leading to no pollution during production, which is in compliance with national policies on green industry.
Cooling module for hydraulic crawler excavator
Cooling module for wheel loader
Cooling module for road roller
Cooling module for land leveler
Cooling module for crawler dozer
Cooling module for trash compactor

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