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Yinlun, an enterprise with over 30 years of manufacture experience, is the earliest company in China to successfully develop plate-fin engine oil coolers and has developed from processing based on supplied drawings and samples to provision of heat exchange solution for customers. Yinlun is dedicated to R&D of heat exchanger products and solution optimization through simulation analysis and calculation under technical assistance and support of such international top-class customers as Caterpillar, Cummins and Ford. Our new target is to realize higher performance at same weight and lower costs at same performance. We succeed through innovation and technical progress to support the customers.


Innovation is a ceaseless process. Yinlun provides better and better heat exchange solution and our R&D facilitates the success of customers in each development stage.

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Yinlun has a R&D team composed of well-known experts, doctor-level senior engineers and experienced engineers in China and from all over the world. Their rich professional knowledge and R&D experience meet customers’ demand for new project development. Technological development of current or leading level is our goal.

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New Products

Yinlun is performing R&D in products and technologies meeting the demand for saving energy and reducing emission to meet European emission level IV or above, including new effective smart heat exchangers, SCR technology and cooling systems for electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles.

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