To be a world-class respected heat exchanger and emission after-treatment solution provider

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Development Orientation

Yinlun has formulated the “Twelfth Five-year Development Scheme” which defines Yinlun development orientation and goal to become an outstanding enterprise in the world’s automobile component industry in 5-10 years.

Development orientation:Dedicated to oil, water and air heat exchange field and related products


Development goal:To be a world-class respected heat exchanger and emission after-treatment solution provider.
Yinlun’s Technical Scheme:Based on the dedication to emission reduction technology, thermal management technology, module and system integration technology, effective heat exchange and lightweight-oriented technology, material and process technology as well as intellectualization and energy conservation technology, Yinlun takes the lead in technical level in China and all over the world and makes contributions to the development and upgrade of the automobile industry in China.


Yinlun’s Product Scheme:To become a provider of full series and multi-field heat exchanger integration system products, Yinlun needs to develop from low-end products to high-end products, from road machinery heat exchanging system to non-road machinery heat exchanging system and from machinery heat exchange to industrial and civil-used heat exchange field. These include HEV cooling systems, fuel cell coolers, engine waste heat utilization ORC systems, wind power equipment heat exchanging installations and high-temperature exhaust gas heat regenerators.
Yinlun’Marketing Scheme:Accelerate the operation in the field of industrial vehicle, wind power generation, ship engine, chemical industry and refrigerating industry.
Yinlun’s Global Expansion Scheme:Global expansion is Yinlun’s development strategy. Yinlun will build manufacturing bases in such countries and regions as North America, Europe, Japan, India and Russia according to demands of customers and actual development phase.
Yinlun’s Management Scheme:To realize internationalized management and development, Yinlun builds reproducible and unique management mode (YBS) on the basis of modern advanced management method, tool and advanced management mode or experience from customers in China and over the world.

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